Spectacular Synagogue Trip!


Year 2 took a stroll to our local synagogue. Class 5 went into the main part of the synagogue while Class 6 did activities like learning to write our names in Hebrew. Later we swapped.

Learning Hebrew


Inside the synagogue the girls sat on one side while the boys sat on the other side. We spotted the Star of David straight away!

Seperate sides


We looked at books and lots of exciting mezuzahs. There were some really super ones like Spiderman and Hello Kitty! Only the boys tried on some kippahs and there were lots of styles like Star Wars, Rugrats and even a Newcastle United kippah.

Reading carefully



A Kippur


More Kippurs


It was exciting when we saw a great horn and listened to the sound on the radio because it was too tricky to blow ourselves!

A horn


Some lucky children got to wear a tallit and hold a scroll called the Torah.

Tallitt and Torah


It was the best synagogue we’ve ever been to and then we walked back and were ready for lunch!