St Nicholas visits


IMG_4375 He's been! Shoe prints Shoes at the rday IMG_4696 Alfie is ready too The story of St Nicholas Look what's in my shoe Check out my chocolate Wow! Look what's in my shoe Sharing the tradition

There were lots of very excited children in Early yearswhen they saw that St Nicholas had arrived.

Our German visitors had shared the story of St Nicholas when they visited and taught us a song.

Yesterday we sang the song and left either one shoe or a shoe print so that St Nicholas could take a detour from Germany and leave us a gift. Even Alfie the Reception elf got his shoe ready.

Each of us received a chocolate coin and a chocolate St Nicholas.

It was very exciting to celebrate this tradition.

St Nicholas visited Nursery 2 in a special visit on Thursday night.  The children loved their chocolate coin and St Nicholas.

Thank you to our German friends for sharing this tradition with us.