Swimming Gala 2017


We had a fabulous time at the Gala.  7 schools took part and although we didn’t win the whole event, we had a great time.

The boys won Silver (2nd) in the Relay, they were Jack, Alex, Struan and Robert.  Jack also got silver for backstroke whilst Robert achieved 1st place in breaststroke!!!  Rufran and Olivia came as our back up team.  Rufran was given a job as a Runner for the Gala and then he was presented with a family ticket for the swimming pool.  This year they did a raffle and Maya won one of the prizes.  Our girls were Shona, Maya, Ellie, Lucy and Olivia.

Everyone came back smiling.

We were so pleased at the turnout of our parents who cheered the children on.

IMG_0157 IMG_0165 IMG_0163 IMG_0162