Switch Off Fortnight


It has been a busy two weeks at our school learning how to look after our world.  We have been doing lots of activities that help us to learn how we can save energy and reduce the waste we create. 

Early Years looked at Recycling.  They got their mums and dads to send all their junk so they could recycle it into cool models.

Year 1 looked at how they could use food and other things we didn’t need to make compost.  They use old banana peels, newspapers, tea bags and leaves to make a compost bin.  They look at how worms help to make compost.

Year 2 looked at switching things off.  They looked at all the things that use electricity and pledged to switch things off.

Year 3 looked at habitats.  They made bug hotels to attract more creatures and looked at how rubbish can affect our local wildlife.

Year4 looked at alternative energy sources to replace fossil fuels.  They designed energy saving schools for the future with no smart boards!

We shared all of our learning in an big assembly.  We learnt there are many ways to save our planet and will continue to try to make our world a better place after these two weeks.