Table manners…


At school our manners are very important and this includes at lunchtime in the dinner hall. Lunchtime can be a very social time with the children enjoying the opportunity to talk to their friends.


In the dinner hall, all the children are expected to use a knife, fork and spoon to eat their food unless it is finger food such as sandwiches. We have spoken to all the children about this and asked that they look out for each others’ good manners and try their best. Team points are on offer for all those children showing us their perfect table manners and for those children who are trying their very best as we know it can be quite tricky for our younger children.

The dinner staff will always help the children to cut their food up if they are stuck; all they have to do is ask! The children are also asked to help their friends too.

We hope that you will support us with this and help your child to learn to use their cutlery properly as well as encouraging them to eat just as nicely at school as they do at home or out in a restaurant. We are pretending that we are going to dinner with the Queen so we have to eat nicely 🙂