The Great Fire of Archibald!


What an exciting afternoon in Year 2! This half term we have been historians learning all about the Great Fire of London and the Great Fire of Newcastle and Gateshead. We were very lucky that Mr Holman helped bring our learning to life by taking us into Forest School to recreate Pudding Lane using the Tudor houses we had designed and built.

He then started a fire in Thomas Farriner’s bakery. We watched in excitement as the fire spread from house to house due to them being built so close together.

Luckily, Mr Holman then took the role of Duke of York who was ordered by King Charles II to pull down houses to create a fire break and some houses were saved!

Thank you for such an exciting afternoon Mr Holman, I think you can tell from the shrieks how excited the children were!

“That was really exciting!”
“It was so cool that we got to see a real fire”