The RE Experience at Archibald First School!


At Archibald, we value and respect all religions. In school, we ensure that everyone has the opportunity to visit a range of places and worship to help embed and ensure their understanding of each faith is represented. This year, the children have also been preparing presentations about their beliefs and practices to share with other year groups. We also welcome visitors to school to enhance our understanding and share different experiences of the cultural diverse world we live in. Please contact the office if you or your child would like to come into school and share your experiences or expertise.

Reception Church Visit

Reception had a lovely time visiting All Saints Church on Wednesday 29th March. Reverend Shipton and Reverend Jones talked us about what happens in church. They showed us the clothes they wear and the parts of the church, including the pulpit and the font.  Reverend Shipton told us stories about different parts of the church, including the ten bells in the bell tower. Reception were very curious and asked lots of questions.  They recognised some of the saints from our work on the patron saints of the UK.  They were very respectful during our visit to a place of worship.  Well done Reception. #afscurious

Year 1 All Saints Church Visit

We were lucky enough to go and see the preparations leading up to Christmas. We all learnt the new vocabulary and could talk about why special items were used for different purposes. We asked really interesting questions and enjoyed finding out about the different symbols associated with baptism and what happens at a baptism service. When we got back to school we could link this to our own understanding of belonging and could talk about experiences we have in our families. #afscaring

Year 2 Synagogue Visit

When year 2 visited the Synagogue. We learnt about the most important features of a Synagogue, The Torah scrolls which contain the Hebrew bible. Bimah – A Raised platform where most of the service takes place. Siddur – This is the main Jewish prayer book. Ark – The cupboard in which the Torah scrolls are kept. The eternal light – This hangs above the Ark and is always burning to remind everyone that God is always with them.

After our trip we talked about the meaning of light and our own ideas of what light means and how it can be used to symbolise different things in peoples lives.

“In class, We enjoyed making our own Mezuzahs and it was nice to be able to think of my own promise I want to make in life.” Class 6

Year 3 Gurdwara Visit

Year 3 have been to visit the Gurdwara Sri Guru Singh in Newcastle. We all entered the Gurdwara, took our shoes off and washed our hands. We word head scarves and followed Jaswinder Singh around the Gurdwara. We took part in mediation, listened to some music. We also got to see where the Guru Granth Sahib is kept.

” I was impressed with how many volunteers were in the langar hall, helping to prepare food. It was very kind of them to give us a piece of fruit and a drink.”

” I liked the way that everyone is equal in the Gurdwara and we all sat on the floor to enjoy our langar.” Adam

Year 4 Hindu Temple Visit

Year 4 enjoyed their visit to The Hindu Temple. We especially enjoyed learning about how Hindu’s people worship in a Mandir. We learnt lots of new vocabulary. We also enjoyed finding out about the story of Rama and Sita. When we got back to school, we could make similarities and differences between religions and how they worship. We thought it was really interesting to find out how different religions all prepare for worship and different festivals around the world.

” It was really fun and educational at the HIndu Temple. I got to wear a head scarf, jewellery and a gem on my head!” Molly, Class 10

Children presenting to other classes:

This year, we’re proud of our #courageous, #creative children who’ve prepared and presented presentations about their beliefs and practices to others. We’ve been lucky enough to find out from each other information about the festivals of Holi, Purim, Diwali and Ramadan. We also learnt about the History of Islam from two of our Year 4 children. Next half term, Year 3 are looking forward to hearing all about Buddhism from one of our Year 2 pupils and to taking part in a meditation. If anyone else would like to share any of their experiences or celebrations with their year group or another year group, then please let us know.

Visitors into School

This year, we’ve been lucky enough to receive visits from All Saints Church, the North East Humanist Service. We’ve supported families during our Harvest Assembly. We also had an inspirational Easter Assembly from Jaddai, a youth worker. If anyone else would like to come and visit us in school then please contact the office.