The Terrible Tudors!


Year 3 were really lucky because we got to go to Hexham Old Gaol to learn more about our topic “The Tudors”.

The Old Gaol was used to keep people for as long as three months whilst they waited for the judge to decide what their punishment would be.

When we went inside we found out all about some of the Tudor punishments. Some of us even got locked in the stocks! Another punishment was that if you stole something you got your hands chopped off! We saw the hand cuffs that they used to use to take people to the town hall when they were put on trial. How mean that was!














We learnt that in 1538 there was a jail break when the local people (who were called The Boarder Reivers) bribed the guards to let their friends and families out.

It was a Tudor-rific day!

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“I liked the dancing the best!” Dylan

“The dance was called the Pavane” William

“The teacher said that Class 7 were the best school she had seen at learning the dance!” Theo P

“I learnt that Robert Moore was a spy and was caught and got his head chopped off in the Tower of London. They found him on a boat in South Shields!” Henry