TT RockStar Champions!


Battle Results for Thursday 2nd April!

It’s been another great week on TTRockstar!

We were overwhelmed by the number of new comers who’ve been playing this last week. Excellent to see an increase in the number of children playing, just 10 minutes a day will really help to improve your mental maths.

The following Rock Stars really shone out this week:

Superstars in the Hundreds: Great Bloom, Robert Bond, Grace Francis, Desmond Wolf!

A new surge of people in the thousands: Placido Reid, Zoey Lindsay, Vaden Iris

The new battle is already well underway… a pleasure to see some more new names already. Fantastic playing: Luis Saller, Perry Blumberg, Ella Spinner, Daryl lightrock, Rain Strait and Eden N’Roses!!

Battle Finishes on the 9th April! New Battle to follow!

Happy Easter Holidays!