A visit from Medieval Times


On March 27th, Year 1 had a visitor, Matilde the medieval lady.  She taught us about life in a castle and told us a story. Some children dressed up as peasants and rich people from medieval times.  They even tried the medieval underwear.

“We learnt that boys were allowed to walk around in their underwear, but girls were not”  Jack, Class 4.

Matilde told us a story about King Henry and his trip to a castle with a girl ogre.  To escape being eaten the king had to feed her- his horse and his hounds.  Then he had to be her teddy bear!


“I liked when the ogre said she had dreamt about eating a giant marshmallow and woke up to see she had eaten her teddy bear, ”  Poppy, Class 4

“Only it’s ear was left!” George Class 4

In the end the ogre tured into a beatiful, but bossy princess, who wanted to marry Henry.  He found something he was scared of.  Bossy women!

We got to hold and touch some medieval weapons and had a Year 4 knight to model the clothes.

We really enjoyed Matilde’s visit!