World Cup Week


Last week, in preparation for the start of the World Cup in Russia, we completed lots of activities related to countries taking part in this tournament.

Early Years looked at Australia. They found out about how it is the same as here and how it is different. They found out about different animals. They made didgeridoos and boomerangs.

Year 1 looked at France.  They did food tasting. Yum!  They made pictures of the Eiffel Tower which is in Paris!

Year 2 looked at Japan. They made their own Pokémon and wrote stories about them   and tasted Sushi.

Year 3 did two different countries.  Class 7 looked at Brazil and discussed the environmental impact of damage to the rainforest. They also did some lovely parrot pictures.  Class 8 looked at South Korea.  They talked about the difference between North and South Korea and the pros and cons of dictatorships and democracies.

Year 4 looked at Morocco.  They designed tiles with hidden messages.

We all shared our learning in assembly and are looking forward to watching our teams in the world cup.