Y4 at the Hancock


On Wednesday 7th October, Y4 visited the Hancock Museum. We went to the museum because we wanted to learn about Egyptians.

we learned that if you want to make it through to the afterlife, your heart would have been lighter than the feather of truth. (Poppy, Martha)

We found out that Ancient Egyptians believed that snot came from the brain!!!!!! (Arthur, Danny)

My favourite part was looking around the museum. I liked the unwrapped mummy. (Edie)

We learned lots more stuff about mummies (Emily, Katy)

We liked looking at the sarcophagus (Evie, Smiler aka Lucy Anne)


Me and Izzy liked feeling the mummy bandages, they were soft and smelly (Sophie and Izzy)

We liked seeing the wrapped mummy and the coffin (Vihra and Lucy)

My favourite part was putting the bronze hook up the nose to get the brains to drizzle out. (Henry, Charlie, Robbie, George)we made a mummy