Year 1 coding workshop


This half term, Year 1 were lucky enough to welcome Julian from GEM Education for the whole day!

He worked with us to understand basic algorithms and coding.

We thought about the different instructions we could provide to help a  mouse travel in different ways and recorded these in different scenarios.

We then got to go into the hall and use the programmable mice and build different routes for them to follow to reach some yummy cheese! We had a great time debugging and changing the code if things went wrong and enjoyed seeing the mouse get a little reward at the end.

Julian then shared some really cool tech which involved a clever car travelling in different directions based on different coloured mats. It was such a surprise to see what would happen!

Then we sat fascinated by a real life drone which could be programmed to hover and do flips in the air!

We had the best day, thank you so much for coming in Julian!