Year 1’s amazing minibeast adventure by Class 4


On Tuesday 30th June, Year 1 went to the Northumberland wildlife trust in St Nicholas Park.


I enjoyed putting my net in the water and seeing what I had got-Isabella.

I liked looking at the fish-Alex

I caught 6 sticklebacks-Lilly

I enjoyed catching the fish because I saw a pond skater but it bouced off-Agnes

I found 3 tadpoles-Gonca

I liked catching the fish-Darcey

In the water there were lots of blue dragonflies-Esme.

I saw a tiny frog-Lanie

I liked looking for minibeasts-Art

I liked going on a minibeast hunt-Lola

I found a millipede and a slug-Elizabeth

I caught a butterfly in a jar!-Brandon

I caught a grasshopper-Hannah


I loved bark rubbing-Danny