Year 1’s Amazing trip to Anlwick Castle!


Today Year 1 took the long coach journey up to Alnwick Castle as part of our ‘Knights and Castles’ topic.

Whilst we were there we enjoyed two fantastic workshops.

First we acted out ‘storming the barbican’. Each class split into two teams- England and Scotland!

England were defending the castle whilst Scotland came to attack. Scotland began by breaking down the door using a battering ram.

A fierce battle was fought with England eventually triumphing.

The children also listen to, well acted out, a story all about Sir Harry Hotspur. He is a local knight who was a bit hot headed and didn’t always think things through. Eventually this cost him his life and his body parts were placed on show across England.

We all had a fantastic day and could not have wished for nicer weather. You were all wonderfully behaved Year 1 and  we hope you have enjoyed being historians.

A huge thank you also to the parents who came with us on the trip, these days would not be possible without you!


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