Year 1’s Terrific train trip.


On Monday Year 1 went to visit Shildon Railway Museum.

Big wheel

There are lots of trains there.-Tom

There are trains that use electricity there.-Lizzy

They have tracks on the floor-Jada

We went to the really cool park.  The train tacks on the floor were really cool too.-William


We saw the queens carriage.-Jack T

The second steam train. Timothy Hackworth's train

We saw a train like the Rocket.  It was in the Rainham trials. -Francesca

Being the driver

We went inside a train to learn how to drive it and Tom was the fireman and William was the driver-Henry.

My best bit was when we went inside the train-Millie.

Making our trains. Big shovel! Driving the train

I liked the activities-Emma

There was a cool built train that we saw in the museum.-Theo P

My favourite bit was looking at the Queens carriage-Zara.

I liked the bit when we learnt who drive the train.-Rebecca

I liked looking at the trains-Ben W

I liked blowing the horn-Emily.