Year 2 Globe Trotters



Year 2 have been learning that we are not the only Newcastle on the planet. They have been comparing Newcastle, Uk with Newcastle , New South Wales , Australia! They have become skilled in using maps and been playing games to learn the points of a compass. In their comparison they looked at weather, climate, seasonal differences and how life differs between the two places.


We have been inspired to write adventure stories this term by the author Anthony Browne. His story ‘The Tunnel’, helped the children use their imagination to write the untold story of Jack , who was turned to stone . The children came up with incredible ideas.

Our focus this term was writing instructions. The children had fun writing about how to make a jam sandwich and of course they had to try it out to make sure it made sense and was in the right order. Strawberry jam was the most popular! They then used their skills in instruction writing to describe how to save the planet. They were once again inspired by the wonderful story ‘Dinosaurs and all that Rubbish’ by Michael Foreman. In it , the author explains that the whole world belongs to everyone and is everyone’s responsibility. The children came up with instructions on recycling, litter, plastic pollution saving electricity and sustainability. Well done to our future planet protectors.


The children have been working on Fractions and Time this term. They have loved working practically and have done a lot of paired work . Working through reasoning and problem solving activities as a team was a wonderful, engaging way to learn.

Trip to Laing Art Gallery

As part of our work on watercolours , Class 5 and 6 went to the Laing Art Gallery. Thank you to all our parent helpers who came with us. It was an enjoyable and fascinating day which consisted of a watercolour workshop led by one of the resident artists and a tour of the gallery. In the workshop, the children investigated with colour , then created their own landscape. The results were fantastic. They also had a chance to look around the gallery in small groups and spent some time drawing in their sketch books. Many of the children admired the many paintings of Newcastle from long ago, which were upstairs in the watercolour studio.

Well done on a very busy term Year 2. It’s hard to believe that next term is our final summer term! There will be lots to look forward to : Sports day, Beach trip , Aquarium trip and transition day when you will get to meet your new year 3 teacher.