Year 2 visit the Discovery Museum!


Year 2 had a fabulous trip to the Discovery Museum this week. We began our day by walking to Regent Centre and getting the metro to Central Station. The children were so sensible crossing busy roads as we made our way up to the Discovery Museum.

We then split into two groups. Group 1 began their morning attending a workshop led by Amy. She showed us the different bridges that cross the River Tyne and we explored bridges from the past that are no longer there. We also learned lots of interesting facts. Did you know the High Level Bridge was designed by the father of George Stephenson? Bursting with knowledge, group 1 then went into the Education Room and we designed and built our own bridges in teams. We had to think about how to strengthen our bridges to hold the most weight and had great fun coming up with bridge names and adding extra designs such as flags and arches.

It was then time for lunch. After lunch we swapped over and it was Group 2’s time to go bridge mad. Group 1 then had time to explore the museum. We enjoyed hunting for boats, exploring the exhibitions and having fun in the science maze.

Throughout the day the children’s behaviour was exemplary and this was commented on by members of the public both within the museum and on public transport. We are so proud of you all Year 2, thank you for being such an asset to Archibald. We would also like to extend our thanks to the parents and carers who joined us on our trip- these fabulous visits would not be possible without you all!

“I loved seeing all the model bridges!”
“It was great playing in the science floor- I liked the big spinning ball”
“I learned why the different bridges aren’t there anymore”
“It was cool watching the video of the bridges being built. I would have been very scared that high!”