Year 3 Summer 2 – Week 6


Hello wonderful Year 3!

We hope you’ve had a fantastic week. As always, there has been lots of excellent work taking place at home and thank you if you found time to share it with us. It really does put a smile on our face when we can see what you’ve been doing on the Archibald Facebook and Twitter pages! All of the staff think that Year 3 are doing absolutely brilliantly!


We have a delightful double treat this week! Zac will be amazing us with his wonderful reading of Chapter 15 of The Land of Roar. Then, Dexter will be impressing us hugely by reading Chapter 16. They have both done an equally fantastic job. Thank you Zac and Dexter!








This week will involve work on measurement. Lessons will include measuring mass, comparing mass, adding and subtracting mass and also measuring capacity. There are four lessons that each have a downloadable worksheet. The accompanying videos for each lesson can be found via the weblink below or by downloading the video weblink document.






HISTORY (Monday)

We have been finding out all about the UK recently. You certainly know what your life is like in the UK but do you think everyone that has lived in the UK always had a similar experience? Let’s go back in time to find out! The worksheet will tell you all about the life experiences of an Iron Age child. Read the information and then write sentences about how your life is similar and how it is different!


You know several landmarks in the North East and across the UK but what about landmarks further afield? Look at the text about European landmarks and have a go at the comprehension questions!

PSHE (Wednesday)

Last week, we thought about diversity and the fact that we are all unique. What qualities make up you as a person? You might be caring, honest and funny. Use words and pictures to complete your jigsaw to answer this question. There is a completed jigsaw example if you would like some ideas!

ART (Thursday)

Do you recognise this famous international landmark? It’s the Washington Monument in America. You might have spotted it in Pigeon Impossible! The shape of this monument is called an obelisk. Watch this video about how we can see and create art in different ways.

Your job is to draw or paint an object in a different way. You could recreate the Washington Monument in your own style and there are some examples of this above. Perhaps you’d like to choose another famous landmark to recreate? Use your imagination and be creative!


Lightbot is an educational puzzle game based on coding. You have to programme a robot so that it will perform the actions needed to light up all the blue sqaures yellow. It starts off quite simple but gets pretty tricky pretty fast!

Follow the link, click on the green play button and then on the next screen click on the image of Lightbot standing on four tiles and you will be ready to get coding!

BONUS TASK: Landscape in a Box

Watch these videos from two very specials girls as they show how they created a landscape in a box. Why not have a go at your own?


We miss you all every single day and all of the amazing things that you are doing makes us very proud. The wonderful work that you complete at home always brightens up our day! Keep up all your terrific effort and we really can’t wait to see you again! Lots of love from the Year 3 Team x