A totally terrific half-term in Year 4!


Year 4 have had the most wonderful half-term! All the children have worked incredibly hard and made a truly fabulous start to the academic year.

In DT, we designed, made and evaluated our very own slingshot cars. This involved using suitable joining techniques to make the chassis and then to add a launch mechanism. When we tested them, we discovered they could travel a lot further than we anticipated!

Every Tuesday, we have had ukulele lessons from Newcastle Music Services. We have learned a range of chords and put them together to sing and play at the same time. The best part is that these sessions will continue next half term too!

As scientists, we found out all about teeth and carried out an investigation to find out which liquids do the most damage to egg shells which were representing our teeth. It turns out that vinegar does A LOT of damage! If you would like to know more about food chains or the digestive system then we can certainly provide you with lots of information!

In topic lessons, we have been exploring the North East by looking at a range of maps. We used our planning and decision making skills to design a new tourist attraction that would be appealing to lots of people. We even identified any potential problems and created solutions. Then, we presented our ideas as a group and voted for a winner!

As writers, we have built suspense when describing settings, written persuasive adverts and even performed our very own poems!

Year 4 have shown a caring, curious, creative and courageous mindset throughout the half-term. We couldn’t be prouder of each and every member of Class 9 and 10. What a group of SUPERSTARS!