Year 4 Beamish Trip!



Year 4 have had a fantastic trip to Beamish today. The open air museum tells the story of life in North East England during the 1820s, 1900s and 1940s. Year 4 are studying the Victorian period as their topic this half term and the trip helped the children understand what life would be like for people at the time.

We loved chatting to the staff as we walked around and hearing the experts talk about how their work and homes would have been. Year 4 had the chance to go down a coal mine, ride trams, visit shops in the 1900s and even see a working 1940s farm.





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The fun fair was a highlight, but we regretted eating all our sweets before being spun around!




We realised how much harder it would have been to go to school in Victorian times, the slates were quite tricky to write on and we didn’t like the sound of the cane. It was fun to practise writing with a quill and ink, although there were a lot of smudges!


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Lots of children thought the sweet shop was the best part!


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We learnt about what life would have been like for a miner. They had very long days with an hours walk down the mine at either end. The lights were turned off when we were inside and Miss Crowe’s group decided we certainly wouldn’t have wanted our lamps to break!


The children behaved excellently and really enjoyed our trip back in time. A huge thank you to all the adults who came to help, Year 4 have had a wonderful day.