Year 4 Parliament Workshop


Year 4 have had a really exciting morning learning all about Parliament, democracy and how our country is run. Gillian Bell from UK Parliament for Education, came in to talk to us about this and to tell us a bit more about the House of Commons and the House of Lords (she was very impressed with what we already knew!!) We then had to create our own election – this was really exciting and we had LOTS of ideas. In groups, we had to come up with a team name, slogan, create our own manifesto (linked to a fun, learning idea for our school) and devise a speech. Finally, we had to deliver our speech and presentation to the class and everyone got to vote! Some of our ideas included introducing a science lab, an art studio and cooking our own school lunches.This was a fun session and gave us a better understanding of the election process and also how decisions are made by MPs. We think that we have lots of budding MPs at Archibald and maybe even a future Prime Minister!