Year 4 Summer Term Week 4


Hi everyone! Wow, what another fabulous week you’ve all had! You really all seem to have been doing so many amazing activities and having lots of fantastic fun too. Thank you all so much for working hard and following the instructions of your parents. We are missing you all every single day and we always look forward to seeing what you’ve been doing on the Archibald Facebook and Twitter pages. We think that Year 4 have been absolute stars in the last couple of months and we continue to be so very proud of you.

Here are some more activities for you to try this week. You can have a go at as many or as few as you want. If you do have a go then we would love to know how you have got on! Please share a photo on Facebook or Twitter of what you have achieved as this will keep us all smiling!

Reading Tasks
Aim to read everyday for a minimum of 15 minutes.

Concept Art Revealed for Feature Film 'Kensuke's Kingdom ...
  • Please read chapters 8-10 of Kensuke’s Kingdom.
  • After reading, consider the following questions:
  1. What was life like for Kensuke before he came to the island?
  2. How does the author show that Kensuke does not speak English fluently?
  3. How did Kensuke learn to survive on the island?
  4. Why does Kensuke not want anyone to come to the island?
  5. Why does Michael feel torn on page 126-127?
  6. Why doesn’t Kensuke want to leave the island?
  7. What was Kensuke surprisingly good at, despite being an old man?
  8. Why does Kensuke find the phrase “made in Japan” so amusing?
  9. Why does Kensuke wake Michael up urgently in the middle of the night?
  10. Do you think Kensuke should stay or leave with Michael? Explain your thoughts.
  • Have a look at this fabulous website that Mrs Marshall discovered! It’s free to register and it has an incredible archive of authors. For each author there is an extract read from their book and a follow up writing challenge. There is also a section called ’10 minute challenge’ which has some lovely ideas for writing. Gain free access to author videos and writing resources at:

Writing Tasks

Literacy Unit of Work: Kensuke's Kingdom | Teaching Resources
1KL weekly spellings 30.1.17 | Ashley Primary School

Maths Tasks
Have a look at some of the fun games on the sites below. Don’t forget to use Times Tables Rockstar too – let’s see who can learn those table facts!

Times Table Board Games | Teaching Resources

The number this week is 7512.

Which member of the Year 4 Team do you think this number links to and why?

  • Here are some other questions for you to answer about the number.
  • What happens if you multiply and divide the number by 10, 100, 1000?
  • Round the number to the nearest 1000, 100 and 10.
  • How many multiplication sums can you make with the digits?
    e.g. 7 x 5 x 2 x 1 = 70 12 x 7 x 5 = 420
  • Challenge: Create your own word problems that involve this number. It could be the answer or part of the problem!

Science Tasks

  • This week we would like you to research the Water Cycle and create an explanatory text or a flow chart to explain each stage. Try and include the following scientific terms: atmosphere, climate, condensation, evaporation, precipitation, water vapour.
    Use the following links and resources to help you:
  • Have a look at the following site for interactive games and videos on Solids, Liquids and Gases.
  • Solids and Liquids Experiment
    Select 4 different solids (e.g. salt, sugar, flour, icing sugar, coffee, sand etc) and see what happens when water is added to each solid. You need to think about how much of each solid you will use, the volume and temperature of the water and whether you will stir the solution. You also need to think about how you will make your test fair in order to achieve accurate results. Don’t forget to make a prediction too and draw a conclusion at the end. You can record your experiment as you wish: create a poster; photograph it; record in a table – you choose! Do let us know what you discover!
  • Have a go at creating a Victorian picture using collage, like the one below. Your picture doesn’t have to be of Queen Victoria, or even a person, as long as it has a Victorian theme.
Mosaic Art - Queen Victoria | Teaching Resources

Keeping Fit!
It has been lovely to hear about all the lovely walks, bike rides and fun outdoors you guys have been getting up to. I know lots of you have been waking up to Joe Wick’s workouts some mornings- very impressive.
If that is not your thing, here are a few links to some Just Dance routines to follow along to:
Waka Waka:
Ghost Busters:

Free Kids Dance Classes - MyVeronaNJ

Also, check out this website for LOTS of great ideas from gymnastics, basketball and tennis to yoga and mindfulness.
TB SPORT provides PE resources for all children who are working from home so that they still have access to a Sports Provision. There are also interactive PE Lessons via their YouTube Channel.

Additional Activities
PSHE – the importance of developing teamwork.
Music- Why not take a look at these fab music resources? Whether you want to play an instrument or just sing, the choice is yours- enjoy!
Science – Recap previous ‘Sound’ topic. Watch the video describing ‘How Sounds are made.’ Read the information and complete the online activity.
After watching the video, sit in the garden and listen to the sounds all around you, write down all of the things you can hear.
Art – Check out these websites for some fun art tutorials.

Classroom Secrets – Access to free home learning packs (including Maths, Reading and Grammar) on:
Geography – test your knowledge of continents and countries with these interactive games:
ICT – Sign up for free and enjoy taking part in some fabulous online coding games as well as creating your own!

We hope you enjoy completing some of these tasks – remember, you do not have to do them all. Don’t forget to share any good learning ideas or websites with us too. We hope to see you all very soon, keep smiling and stay safe.

Sending love and hugs to you all,

Mrs. Graham, Mrs. Marshall, Mr. Nettleship, Mrs. Johnston and Mrs. Harrison xxx