Tasks for Awesome Year 2! Week 4


Hello Year 2! Are we all ready for a brand new week? We hope you have all had lovely long weekend and enjoyed the sunshine that we have had. Here are the tasks for this week, as always they are here for you if you want to use them but don’t worry if you can’t get them all done. We have been loving seeing what you have been up to so keep posting your work on twitter and our Facebook page or you can email it to us using the school homework email address.
It was lovely to speak to you all over the last two weeks too. We are so pleased that you are all happy, healthy and safe.
Have a great week everyone!

Our History Mystery: This week your teachers have been left some surprise items at their houses.
What might these clues be trying to tell us? When might we be learning about? Or perhaps who? Do the pictures link in anyway? How? You will have to use lots of inference skills to solve this half terms History Mystery!
Note: *Spoilers if you scroll ahead*

Were you right? Watch the video below to find out!
We would like you to become a hardworking historian and find out as much as you possibly can about this very special lady and the event that made her such a significant part of history. Here is another clip to get you started.
https://www.bbc.co.uk/teach/school-radio/history-ks2-grace-darling/zkwq47h (it says she was youngest of 8 children, most other sources state she was third youngest of 9)
You may like to do this task verbally, or present your findings on a PPT, fact file, video, poster or through drama/animation.
Discussion point; What makes somebody significant? We have lots of famous people today that we love, such as Ed Sheeran and Lionel Messi. Is being famous the same as being significant? What does significant mean to you?

Have you completed your Grace Darling research?
Take Miss. Pearson’s quiz by clicking on the link below to put your knowledge to the test!

Now that you are a Grace Darling expert, we would like you to use your knowledge to complete at least one of the following challenges.
Diary Entry:
Make sure you are very familiar with the events of 7th September 1838. Can you write a diary entry as Grace, discussing the nights events as they unfolded? What did Grace see from her window? How did she feel? What did she do next? Remember to pack your diary entry full of emotion and extra detail. You may wish to wash your diary entry with a tea bag or stain it with coffee once completed to give it an authentic look.

Newspaper Article:
The sleepy town of Bamburgh has awoken, unaware of the amazingly heroic events that took place the night before. You are a journalist and one of the first to hear the news. Can you write a front-page article to break this incredible story? What will be your catchy headline? Will you include a picture of the heroine herself? Remember to summarise the story in the first paragraph and then go into more detail (think back to our newspaper articles about the big bad wolf!). Maybe you managed to get an interview with Grace herself and you could include a few quotes from her.

A letter of appreciation:
Watch the short video below.

As the video above shows, Grace got a lot of letters to thank her for her heroic act of bravery. She even got a letter from Queen Victoria and a reward of £50! Could you write a letter to Grace Darling? It may be to say thank you or tell her what you think of her actions that night, or you may have some questions to ask. If you would prefer, you could write a letter to somebody in your own life to show your appreciation for something amazing or brave that they have done.
Time Machine:
Can you step into a time machine and travel back to 1838, transporting yourself into the lighthouse on Longstone Island. What would a day in the life of Grace be like? What would it be like in the lighthouse with her 6 siblings and her mum and dad? How does Grace’s day compare with your own typical day? Could you write a few sentences showing what life was like for Grace?

For this weeks daily lessons we would like you to look at the lessons provided by BBC Bitesize. Everyday a new video and accompanying worksheet is uploaded with a challenge to complete on Friday. Here is the link to the BBC Bitesize home schooling page;
You will see that there are links to other subjects which you can also have go at completing and also feel free to go back and look at some of the previous daily maths lessons too.

The Puzzling Sweet Shop

Poppy went to the sweet shop with 10p to spend. There were chews for 2p, mini eggs for 3p, chocko bars for 5p and lollipops for 7p.

What could she buy if she wanted to spend all of her money? How many different combinations can you find?
Alice, James, Katie and Henry went into the shops too. They each had 20p to spend and they each spent all of their money.
Alice bought at least one of each kind of sweet, which one did she have two of?
James spent all of his money on just one kind of sweet, but he does not like chews. Which sweet did he buy?
Katie bought the same number of sweets as James but she had 3 different kinds. Which sweets did she buy?
Henry chose 8 sweets, what could he have bought?

Super Challenge – Can you design you own version of the problem above for your mum, dad, big brother or sister to solve? (Alternatively, you could email your problem to the homework email for one of your teachers to solve!) Good Luck!

This week we would love you to make your very own LIGHTHOUSE!
Have a hunt around the house for suitable materials and you can go as small or as tall as you dare! You may want to look at and research different lighthouses to explore what they need and the different designs before you begin. Here is a very informative video below- it taught me a lot!

Your super challenge is can you find a way to get your lighthouse to actually light up? We cannot wait to see your amazing structures- good luck!

Challenge 1: This Little Light of Mine
What is the most important part of a lighthouse? The light of course!
This week we would like you to explore sources of light. Where does light come from? Can you find different natural and man made sources of light?
Here are some cool science activities to explore light further:
A 3 minute experiment- refraction
Here is a very quick experiment you can carry out to explore refraction.
You will need a thick black pen, a sheet of paper and a glass of water.
1. Draw two arrows on your paper, facing the same direction.
2. Slowly lower the paper behind the glass of water.
Did you correctly predict what would happen? Can you find out more about why this occurred?
Here is Miss. Pearson having a go, but make sure you try it out yourself first!

Challenge 2: Ship Ahoy:
Grace Darling bravely entered the choppy sea, risking her own life to save others. Luckily, she helped keep the boat steady and it did not capsize.
Your challenge is to design and create a boat that will hold the most cargo without sinking. What materials did you find worked best? Did you find adding a sail helped? Did you go for a wide or thin boat? Did you make tall sides or short sides? You may be brave and try to add some waves, can your boat still remain upright? Who in Year 2 will get be able to create the most stable boat? Make sure to share your attempts with your teachers, even if it did not quite go to plan!
Challenge 3: Create a leaf boat.

You may wish to experiment with different shapes of boats or different materials. You could also try to use something different in place of the soap to reduce the surface tension. What about trying vegetable oil or salt?

Below is a link to a lovely video of comedian Rufus Hound exploring this activity further with his son.

This week we have been exploring light and dark, linked to a lighthouse.
We would like you to have a go at exploring this further by looking at shadow art. You can use your creativity in any way for this task but here are a few ideas to get you started.

Below is a short clip to help explain why shadows are created and how they can change.

Grace Darling was born in Bamburgh but as a baby went to live in a lighthouse on the Farne Islands. This week can you become a genius geographer and use your map skills to locate the Farne Islands?
Challenge 1 – A day in the life!
The Farne Islands are packed with wonderful wildlife as well as being one of the most famous Bird Sanctuaries in England. We would like you to research what life is like on the Farne Islands. Does anybody live there today? Are there any shops? What is there to do for fun? You can present your findings in any way that you want. Maybe you will make a mind map, maybe you will write a diary entry of life there, will you choose to create a poster or fact file? The choice is yours!
Challenge 2 – Marvellous Map Making

This week we would like you to have some fun exploring maps. Can you create a map of your local area, street or house? Can you include symbols to show key points, such as a church or the TV! Why not use your map to create a treasure hunt? You may need to use your knowledge of compass directions to help.

Not all heroes wear capes!
Grace is known as a heroine for her act of bravery but she didn’t think of herself as a hero at all. This is because she was just a normal girl, form a normal family, living a very normal life.
Can you think of any other people who you think of as a superhero but do not wear capes? It may be someone who inspires you, someone who has changed the world or how people think, someone who has dared to be different or someone who has been incredibly brave.
Below is a video of 2 different people your teachers have chosen as their heroes without capes! Why do you think we chose them?
Emmeline Pankhurst
RNLI- heroes of the sea!
We would like you to create a poster, factfile, booklet, powerpoint or verbal presentation all about your hero with the title
My Capeless Hero is…
Tell us all about the hero that you have chosen, why you chose them and what they did to make them your hero. It could be someone alive today, someone from the past or even someone you know!
We can’t wait to read all about them!

Below are some songs inspired by Grace Darling and her heroic actions.
If you get time to have a listen, can you appraise them? Did you like/dislike any of them? What instruments can you hear? You may even like to write your own little song or poem about Grace!

This week it is Mrs Mullick’s turn to read a story to you.
She had a hard time choosing as there are so many books that she loves.
We hope you enjoy it!

We hope you all have a fabulous week filled with happiness, fun and laughter. Keep working hard and keep being as polite and helpful around the house as you always are at school.
Missing you all lots,
Love from Miss. Pearson, Mrs. Mullick, Mrs. Patrick, Mrs. Tadbeer and Miss. Gowland xx