A Greek and medieval visitor by Year 1 and Year 3


Year 1 and Year 3 had a visitor from the past .  The brilliant Tanya Bentham came in to bring the past alive to these two year groups.


She began by being Mathilde, a lady from medieval times.  The children loved getting dressed up in the Tudor clothes, handling the armour and weapons she had brought.  Many thanks to Vinny, for being our brave knight.  She became a troubadour, sharing a tale of an girl ogre who made a prince finally frightened of something, commitment! We loved her burping!


She then became Nianna, the Ancient Greek Housewife.  Again she brought this topic to live with artefacts and cotumes, sharing facts about life.

Year 3 bloggers shared their thoughts.


 I really liked when the lady dressed Henry as a soldier-Finn

I liked it when we got to feel armour and a sword and a shield-Tahmeed

A lady came in and told us about ancient Greece she asked people to come out of their chairs and dress up. T he people who had to dress up were Arthur and Henry.-Martha


Many thanks to PTFA for again funding this great day.