Greggs Children Cancer Run


Once again on Sunday 17th May, brave parents, children and staff gave up their Sunday morning lie in to run for charity.  They could run 1 mile, 3 miles or 5 miles (depending on how brave or fit they were feeling)


Braving a bracing wind at times, everyone successfully crossed the line to receive their well deserved medal and a bag of treats from Greggs.  Many thanks to Mrs Bayes who waited patiently waving the Archibald school flag.


Evie and Poppy blogged about the event afterwards.

Some people in Archibald first school did the Greggs children cancer 2015. You could do the one mile, three mile or the five mile. Every got the medal and a chees pasty.-Evie

I went to the Greggs cancer run and ran 1 the end I had a ginger bread man!-Poppy


Well done to everyone who took part.

Please send any sponsor money directly to the charity.  See the link below for help.–school