A SOUPer week in Year 1!


Last week Year 1 took on the challenge of setting up a soup stall to sell yummy soup to the grown ups.


We began the week by deciding which two soups we would like to make. We did this the fairest way we could think of, by taking a vote.¬†After finding out which countries¬†each soup originated from, the two winning soups were ‘tomato and chorizo’ and ‘ minestrone’

The children could then decide which of the two soup they wanted to help make.

where might french onion soup have originated? locating on a map the votes are in

The next job was to find out what ingredients we would need for each soup. After exploring the recipes on the internet, the children created shopping lists so we would know what to buy. Next we headed off to Sainsbury’s to buy our ingredients. The children found everything we needed by following their own shopping lists. A huge thank you to the parents that came along too!

packing up the food have we got it all? This is what we need! following our shopping lists Looking around

We returned to school with our shopping (and some fruit from Sansbury’s- thank you!) and started the preparation.


We also learned about Fairtrade and how if we can shop Fairtade it helps out farmers in lots of other countries. We made posters to encourage people to try to shop Fairtrade where possible. Our posters also told people how to be hygienic when cooking.

Our posters Can you shop Fairtrade?


The children worked so hard to carefully cut the vegetables and we learned how to use a bridge hold to keep the food still whilst we chopped. The onions turned out to be the trickiest to cut as it made lots of our eyes water!

chopping chopping chopping chopping


A huge thank you to everyone who came to help and everybody who bought our soup. We hope you enjoyed eating it as much as we enjoyed making it!


Children’s Comments:

“The onions were hard to cut because it made my eyes water lots and lots and my sisters!”- Neve M

“I liked going to Sainsbury’s the best because we found everything”- Oscar

“I liked that we got to mix up teams because I got to be with my friend Isobella”- Abberley

“I liked cutting the vegetables”- James D