Class 9 Ukulele Concert!



There were a few butterflies in tummies in Class 9 this morning. It was the day of our ukulele concert and although we were excited we were a little nervous too.

The hall was set up ready for our performance with professional music stands and the instruments waiting on our chairs. After a quick singing practise in our classroom we headed down to the hall.


IMG_0615 IMG_0616

The school came in and Mrs Bayes introduced our concert while we sat proudly in our seats. Jill and Julie who have been teaching us were ready with the piano and to help us with the singing.

We performed three songs the first of which was ‘Johnny come down to Hilo’ and it sounded brilliant!

Once our voices had warmed up we moved on to ‘Jambalaya’ where we had to switch between playing our ukuleles and singing.

We ended on a high with our favourite ‘Superman Song’ and the audience applauded us!

It was a fantastic concert. The singing was beautiful and you could really see how much the children had learned over just 5 weeks of practise. Class 10 are getting very excited to start their lessons after half term.

Thank you to our ukulele teachers for coming in and showing us these brilliant instruments.





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