A ‘soup’er week in Year 1.


Last week was a very busy week in Year 1. On Monday the children decided which varieties of soup they would like to make to sell to our grown ups. We did this fairly by collecting ideas from the children then having a vote.

The children decided they would like to make tomato soup and chicken and sweetcorn soup. The children were given the choice which soup they wished to help make throughout the week.

As a year group we talked about all the things we needed to do ready for Friday. We had buy the food but first we needed a shopping list! We looked at recipes on the internet and create a shopping list together.

We went to Sainsbury’s to buy the ingredients. It was great fun and we managed to find everything except for basil! A big thank you to Erin and Finbar who also brought in some extra ingredients they had grown at home.

The children had lots of fun cutting and preparing the food. We had to be really careful as the knives were super sharp but we learned how to cut safely using a bridge hold to keep our fingers out the way. The onions also made a few children cry but they were very brave and carried on.

As the soup cooked we created labels, price tags, posters and invitations for the soup sale.

We had lots of grown-ups who came to buy our soup on Friday and we had lots of people saying how yummy they both were.

It was a brilliant week and the children worked their socks off. A huge thank you to everyone who supported our soup sale, we hope you enjoyed eating it as much as we enjoyed making it!

chopping chopping grating grating carrotts Cutting onions makes you cry! chopping onions Making soup chopping tomatoes


 “I did the potato” – Taylor

“The onions made my eyes hurt” – Jack K

“I loved making soup I want to do it every week!” – Poppy

“Cutting the onion was the tricky bit!” – Maisie

“I learned there are carrots and onions in tomato soup”- Sophia

“I learned how to find things in Sainsbury’s” -Ashton