Fun and excitement in Year 2!


In Year 2 we have had lots of fun! In science we had to use tin foil to make a boat for the Gingerbread Man to get him across the river so the fox wouldn’t eat him. There were lots of skills we had to use like twisting, folding, ripping and bending. We couldn’t use glue or sticky tape so we just had to use our hands. The walls had to be quite high, the bottom had to be big and flat ¬†and of course there had to be no holes.


img_2561 img_2577 img_2523 img_2511


We tasted some food and drink that all had ginger in. For example, we tried ginger ale, rice, biscuits, cake and marmalade. Some were spicy and hot while some were sweet and sticky. We made a tally chart of our favourite items and then turned that into a colourful bar chart!


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