A tasty week in Early Years!


It  has been a very yummy week in Early Years! On Monday we celebrated Chinese New Year! Each class explored Chinese culture and we even got to dress up. The best bit was getting to fill our tummies tasting Chinese food. We ate noodles, prawn crackers, prawn toast and vegetable spring rolls. The prawn crackers were very popular! Some children even had a go at using chop sticks, it was very tricky!

noodles!Chinese clothes Chinese New Year Lanterns   Chinese food tasting chopsticks are hard! yum yum!  Chinese writing  food tasting!

Tuesday was just as delicious, it was pancake day! We found out why we make pancakes on this day and talked about helpful changes we might make for lent. We all enjoyed helping to make pancakes, choosing our own toppings and especially eating them!


I like pancakes! Chocolate spread Spreading Yum yum