A Walk on the Wild Side!



Last half term was very exciting in Early Years.

When we arrived back from the Christmas holidays the whole unit had been transformed into a jungle!


Each child became and explorer, making a name badge and their own binoculars. We went off exploring in the jungle and found lots of wild animals. We were very brave!

Look! What can you see?

One day we came into school to find a very strange box had been left in purple zone! It said ‘danger’ and ‘caution’ on the side. It also had big scratch marks down the side… uh oh! We had to decide what might be inside… We went up the school looking for clues and found out it had been a tiger! Aaaah! Luckily it was found in Asda car park and no children were hurt.

Do not touch!  DangerLooking for clues

We made some yummy tiger cake…

adding the ingredients chocolate mixture mixing tiger cake!


Another day we arrived into the unit to find something sleeping in yellow zone…. shhh! Uh oh look at those sharp teeth! It is a crocodile!


The children had a good idea to put the animal into the guinea pig run to keep all the children safe. Reception children decided to make their own signs to warn people not to touch, stroke or feed the crocodile!

danger! making safety signs

Some crocodiles escaped into green zone! We went around in our jungle jeeps looking for wild animals. We were not allowed to feed the crocodiles!

safari ride     crocodiles!

The following week Mr. Nolan arrived at school early to find all the ceiling tiles had been knocked out of place and lots of the leaves had been eaten. Niamh said it must be a giraffe as they are the tallest animals. The giraffe had left us some stinky poo which the teachers were not happy about having to clean up!

something has been eating the leaves! giraffe poo!how many spots does it need?giraffe buscuits

We did lots of measuring to see who was as tall as a giraffe too.

measuring        who is the tallest?

We ended a fantastic half term with a jungle fancy dress day.

Class 1 jungle animals Jungle day Raaah!Animal fun Raaaah!Nursery Class 2 jungle animals a bat and a bumble bee   teachers teachers

jungle animals animals a dog and a cat a turtle and a frog snap snap! raarrr!