ARTventurers in Nursery


We had a fantastic time last week when ARTventurers came into Nursery! We spent Tuesday and Thursday afternoon being amazing artists, learning new ways to be creative whilst having so much fun.

We used salad spinners to create fabulous patterns on paper plates.

We painted a giant cube using brushes, rollers and sponges. We could even go inside the cube and watch our friends paint on the other side. What incredible arty fun we had!

We covered the junk modeling table with silver foil and used our hands to mix together foam and paint, we then used paper to make prints of the patterns we created.

We experimented making marks using balls dipped in paint. We dipped the balls in paint first and then rolled them around a tray to create lots of colourful lines and patterns. We enjoyed using string to make some wonderful paintings too. We also used chalk paint on black paper, it was magical watching the colours appear as the paint dried.

A big thank you to ARTventurers, we had the best time being amazing artists with you!