A Trip to the Laing Art Gallery with our Art Ambassadors…


On Friday afternoon Mrs Howard joined other Art Coordinators from the Gosforth Trust for an exciting afternoon of art training provided by the Laing Art Gallery. She learned about shading, hatching, stippling and different techniques when using watercolour paints. She also worked with the lovely education team to explore different ways to use the Laing Art Gallery with children to support our art curriculum.

Today Mrs Howard and Miss Watson took our Archibald Art Ambassadors to the Laing.
We began the morning exploring Newcastle and searching for sculptures. We found lots of sculptures of all shapes and sizes and realised how different they all were and how they conveyed different meanings. We will be using these sculptures in Summer term for a special whole school project!

We then walked to the Art Gallery and enjoyed looking around the fabulous art work. We were even lucky enough to be given access to the wonderful ‘Painting in Watercolour’ exhibition which is currently running at the Laing.
It was lovely to discuss our likes and dislikes and we matched emotive words to how different pieces of art made us feel.

We ended the afternoon by experimenting with some of the watercolour skills Mrs Howard had learned on Friday, such as blotting, splattering and ‘wet on wet’. After mastering the skills, we created our own beautiful watercolour pictures, having been inspired by the lovely art work we had seen.

We have all had a lovely day and our Art Ambassadors made us #AFSProud! We have generated lots of ideas to bring back to school that we cannot wait to develop further in Summer Term.A huge thank you to the Laing Art Gallery! Remember it is free to visit and a great place to feel calm, artistic and inspired!