Awesome Egyptians with That History Bloke!


Year 3 have really been enjoying our topic this half term which is, of course, The Awesome Egyptians! Luckily, we had a very special visitor this week who is such a history expert that he is known as That History Bloke!

We found out all about the clothes and accessories that a Pharaoh would have worn and how people would have given thanks to them.

After that, we found out all about the process of mummification! We had to remove the internal organs such as the liver and carefully place them into canopic jars.

To get ready for the afterlife, Pharaohs would have amulets placed on their arm or leg. They would be wrapped with linen to keep them secure and to make sure that the Pharaoh was ready for the afterlife.

We also had time to learn how to write our name in hieroglyphics. Some of the symbols can be rather tricky but all of the children did an excellent job. Finally, it was time to relax and play the game of Three Men. It’s quite similar to noughts and crosses but a bit more complicated and a lot more fun!

All of Year 3 had an absolutely awesome time with That History Bloke. We all managed to learn a lot and have a whole load of fun!