Class 3 visit Shildon Railway


We felt excited when we got to Shildon Railway. It was a long way on the bus!

We got to hold lots of different objects to do with trains.

Look how strong Ben is holding a shovel with some coal on.

Ben holding coal

We blew a whistle so the driver knew when to go.

Shahan blowing a whistle

Emma held a cup and a flask which the driver used for his cup of tea. The man told us that sometimes the driver would cook his breakfast on the shovel in the fire box!

Emma having a cup of tea

Adam had a go at sitting on the fireman’s chair in one of the trains. This steam train was called the Green Arrow.

Green Arrow

Struan and Shahan

We also saw an electric train. It got electricity from its shoes!!

Electric train

“My favourite part was when we made the train and coloured it in.” Zahra

“I liked it when we had lunch.” Olivia


We thought that this engine looked like the Rocket built by George Stephenson.

Small engine

“I liked the bit where I went on the steam train because I saw the firebox.” Ralf


And finally..

“It has been my dream to come here!” Joel