Class 4’s blog about Shildon Railway Museum


Year 1 visited Shildon Railway museum on Tuesday 28th February.  The following day we blogged about it.  Here is what Class 4 had to say.

Lots of children loved seeing and boarding the trains.

The engines

I liked trains and the facks of trains- Elizabeth

My   faivutfrt bit was lucing at the trains.-Darcey.

My fraivrit part of the trip was going in the carijs.- Art

I liked going in the trains.-James

Showing the shoes

My favourite  bit  was  wen I  saw the  enjin.-  Ruby H

Being a fireman

My fravut thing was lifting the shuvl -Sam.

I liked blowing the whistle . Loris

Blowing the horn

I liked bloaing the black horn.- Esme.

Ticket punched

We Liked when the man clikt ar ticits -Evan and Freddie

I likt go in on the green aroa. Connor and James S

I like making the train – Gonca and Izzy