Code Cracking Fun!


In Year 2 we used some I-pads to have a go at Scratch Junior. What exactly is Scratch Junior? Well, it’s a coding game and this means you have to create instructions so that items do exactly what you want. This is called an algorithm.


We were given a sheet of paper with a task on it. It didn’t give us much writing but there were some picture clues that helped us. We then had to find the right buttons and put them in the right order. For example, we had to shrink a car and make it move across the screen. Another task was an animal race where we had to make a pig, a rabbit and a dog move across the screen. The challenge was that one had to go fast, one had to go slow and one had to go at a medium speed.





If we had a problem and our algorithm didn’t work then we had to debug it. This means you have to fix what you have done. An interesting fact is that nobody was allowed to help us at all except our partner. How difficult that was! Luckily we’ve all got great sharing, friendship and teamwork skills!



What a scratch-tastic day it was!


“My favourite part was when me and Ben were trying to get rid of the cat” – Tom G.

“We learnt that Scratch Junior is a coding game” – Iona.

“I struggled with the one where you had to get three creatures to move at different times but I managed it with Karl in the end” – Isaac.

“I learnt how to shrink a car and it was very hard but I got there in the end” – Amelia R.