Transition Week


This week is Transition week for Reception.  The Reception children will take part in 4 different activities to allow them to explore the Year 1 classrooms and meet their new teachers.  The Year 1 children  will be helping the Reception children and answering any questions they have.


They have been spilt into 4 groups-the bakers, the gardeners, the divers and the rock stars.  Each group will be inspired by a book each day-The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle, The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister, Cupcake by Charice Mericle Harper and Only one you by Linda Krantz.


 The tiny seedCupcakeOnly one youThe Rainbow Fish

The Reception children will join Year 1 for playtime each day too.


Each day we will ask the children about what they did.

Stirring the cupcake mix



We made cupcakes.  I made a strawberry one-Jinan.

I liked writing and drawing about our cupcakes-Max

Planting Planting a tiny seed


I enjoyed planting a seed-Hannah

I enjoyed listening to the story-Oliver M

Designing our own Rainbow fish Clay with my sister


I liked playing with Oscar in Class 3.  We did a jigsaw-Dylan

I liked listening to the rainbow fish story-Katie

I made a fish-Eneko

Painting a stone fish

Rock Stars

I liked painting my rock-Harrison

I liked designing my fish-Tallulah



Alice – I liked painting my fish and putting all of the different colours on.

Sam – I liked the book because it was about fish shaped like rocks

Niamh – The daddy fish gave the little fish some advice

Oliver – I liked painting my rock because it was a nice shape.

Liam – I made friends with Evan

Layla W – I made friends with Anna

Layla H – I liked painting the rainbow on my rock



Wednesday-we asked some questions to find out the answers.

Who will I sit next to in Year 1?

Either your friends or somebody in your group.

Will I learn fractions in Year 1?

Yes 1/2 and 1/4

Who will be my teacher?

Miss Pearson or Miss White.  You will find out next Friday.

Who will be my friends?

Your friends will be coming to Year 1.

Will they have I pads?

Yes they have Ipads.

Is there time to play with my friends?

You will get some choosing time and you get 3 playtimes to play.

Are they doing the same topics?






Check back on Friday to find out more.