Year 1 having a blast at Glow Zumba!


This morning 10 Year 1 children went with Miss. Pearson and Mrs. Corrigan to Gosforth Park First School to take part in Glow Zumba.

First we got our glow bands on, turned down the lights then warmed up. After that we got into the full swing of things; jiving, twisting and even becoming rock stars!

We had so much fun dancing and following the steps. We would like to that Gosforth Park First School for being such great hosts and putting on such a fun morning.

Thank you!


“That was so much fun!”- Emma 

“That was better than doing lessons!”- Matthew 

“I loved that it was good!”-Jack K 

Glow Zumba put your hands in the air!Keeping activeGlow Zumba

Rock stars!Dance!The cool down