Cullercoats 2017


Please help us to make Cullercoats a fun and safe day by following our guidelines.


Arriving on the beach:

  • Children to sit near their class flags


  • When the whistle blows ALL children must return to their class line for a name and head count
  • Please help us by keeping siblings to one side and ensuring all children go to their class quickly
  • No class is sent off to play until all the children have been accounted for


  • Members of staff will be on duty in the water
  • No child is to go into the water past their knees

Clothing and sun cream

  • Apply sun cream to your child before coming to school
  • Send sun cream to be reapplied throughout the day
  • A light weight high-vis tabard will be provided for each child and must be worn at all times.
  • All children must wear a t-shirt with sleeves between 11 and 2 o clock
  • Remember to send spare clothes and a towel


  • Children are to remain seated throughout the lunch break (30mins)
  • No one is to go near the water or down the beach to play until the whistle is blown for the end of lunch

Your help on the day is very much appreciated and we look forward to seeing you there enjoying the day with the children.