Curious, Caring, Creative and Courageous


Last academic year we decided to revamp our core values and asked all of our parents, carers, children, staff and governors what qualities they believed an Archibald leaver should have.

After gathering together all of the ideas, the most popular words that came up were;
curious, caring, creative and courageous.

We then invited the children to take part in a competition to design characters to go with each core value. These characters would then become part of the ‘Archibald Family’, pop up in lessons and become part of everyday life for our children.

We had lots of fantastic entries but it was Evelyn Adamson, then in year 4, that created the winning design. We love how the characters were child friendly, colourful and really represented each of the values.

We are very excited to introduce our core value characters to you:

Meet Curious
Curious looks thoughtful to show our curious minds.
The question mark shows how at Archibald we ask questions and generate ideas, whilst the magnifying glass shows how we are encouraged to look at things from different angles.
The books and maps, along with its ‘curious’ pants represent how we gather knowledge and develop our understanding to be well informed about the world around us.
The question marks also represent possibilities as well as how we make connections in our learning.

Meet Caring
Caring is green to show how we are all ‘Planet Protectors’.
Caring’s big smile and bright heart is for everyone. Its heart is the colour of the rainbow as a sign of inclusion. ‘Everyone is Welcome’ at Archibald and this is part of our ‘No Outsider’s’ ethos.
We are respectful and responsible. The globe, animals and paper chain of people represent who and what we care about at Archibald. The people are all the same size because we are all equal.

Meet Creative
Creative is a character for all areas of learning. The palette, pencils and book show how we are creative in many different ways.
Its thoughts show our creative thinking skills and enquiring minds, how we seek out new experiences, investigate and experiment with original ideas, and ask questions.
On Creative’s pants is a jigsaw puzzle: This demonstrates how we build on our skills, knowledge and understanding as we move through school. As we learn something new, we get a new piece of the puzzle.
Creative’s friend is a spider in its web. Together they show how we join our ideas together and make links in our learning to connect it all together.

Meet Courageous
Courageous wears a cape and is poised as a superhero: This is to show that we are brave, willing to have a go and how we are ready to learn!
At Archibald, we always try our best and aim to learn from our mistakes. The springs on Courageous’ feet represent bouncing back and being resilient (as well as leaping into action).
Its big feet show that we go forwards into new adventures and experiences and how we are ready for our next steps.

We are very proud of our new core value ‘characters’ and hope you love them as much as we do.
A huge thank you to you all for your input and help in making this happen!
Keep your eyes peeled to see Curious, Caring, Creative and Courageous around school, in lessons and in children’s work!