Proud to be a Music Mark School


We are delighted that Archibald First School has been invited by our Music Service to become a
Music Mark School.

The Newcastle Music Service have recognised the value that we place on music and have asked for us to be a part of the Music Mark Schools network.

Music Mark said,

‘We would like to thank you for all the hard work you and your colleagues do to ensure that
pupils at your school are able to access and engage with a high-quality music education. Your
dedication to offering and delivering a broad and balanced curriculum is both welcomed and

At Archibald we teach weekly music sessions from Early Years to Year 4. In addition, Piccolo music works with our Early Years children whilst the music service delivers 12 weeks tuned instrument tuition to the children in Years 1-4. In 2022-23, Key Stage 1 wil work on the glockenspiel and Key Stage 2 will have ukulele tuition.

Our children in Key Stage 2 have the opportunity to learn to play the violin, trumpet or guitar. They are also invited to be a part of Gosforth Band or Gosforth Voices – both groups formed by the schools in our Trust.

Thsi year we are also launching a ‘Rock up and Sing’ group for all children over a lunchtime – watch this space!