Delightful DT Day!



What a fantastic day Year 4 have had! It was our day dedicated to Design and Technology. We combined our science, art and engineering skills to make models that included an electrical circuit.

Over the past week children have been designing models in small groups. We planned our equipment, brought in supplies, decided on a switch mechanism and drew a detailed diagram of our ideas.

The children brought in LOTS of cardboard today and we set about creating our models. There were great discussions about appropriate materials for both design and decoration.



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The children began by making the structure of their models. They had to problem solve to make sure their models stood up and could hold their electrical circuits.

Each group had incorporated a bulb into their design. To make this function we had to conceal an electrical circuit inside the model. We needed a bulb, battery, connecting wires and a switch. The switch was tricky but crucial in making sure our batteries didn’t run out too quickly. To make our switch we used a folded piece of card and two split pins that when touched would complete the circuit and light up the bulb.

Year 4 have previously done an experiment into good conductors and insulators. This helped us explain why our wires looked the way they did and that we needed metal elements in our switches. We knew our bulb would light when there was a closed circuit so the electricity could pass around the circuit.


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After the circuit was incorporated¬†the children ¬†painted their models and don’t they look fantastic!

The children came up with amazing designs which were all so different! Class 10 had some huge designs and Class 9’s were had amazing hidden switches.

It was a brilliant day and the children have worked really hard! We hope you enjoy the models and have a look at our twitter page @archibaldfirst for a look at the science we have done over the past few weeks.

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