Year 2 Road Safety Tips!


Year 2 had some important visitors today. They told us all about the best ways to stay safe when we cross the road. Luckily, we already do most of these things like holding hands with a grown up or using a bridge to get over a busy road. Here is an important bit of information, you have to be over 135cm to not have a car seat. If you are smaller than this then you must have a car seat when you travel.


We have a tip to help you. Do you want to know what it is? Well, if you ever find it tricky to cross a road then just remember to think, stop, look and listen. If you do this then you will definitely be safe!


Also, did you know you can use your clothes to keep you safe? That’s right! You can wear bright vests, gloves and even arm bands. This will mean drivers can see you in the dark which is important especially because it is going to start getting darker soon. So remember to be safe and be seen!