Digital Literacy


Thank you to all the parents who attended our Digital Literacy session.

The key messages- Talk to your child and visit

The feedback for the session was very positive.  These are just some of the comments from the parents who attended.

  • Some really interesting tips throughout and the overall message of talking to our kids is key. I will be going on Internet Matters
  •  Websites + apps for further investigation
  • Practical info about websites to use to control web usage. Scary stats!
  •  The options and programs that are available to help
  •  Passwords. Internet Matters. Reminding me to lock down router
  •  All the links to helpful sites
  • The website recommendations and advice about parental controls on smart phones
  •  The tools that are available
  •  Insights to parental controls & threats
  • All the links
  • Very practical and lots of resources
  •  Where to find useful websites which will help engage with kids

Parents who attended asked for the handouts to be shared so please find them below.

Childnet_Supporting-young-people-online -advice from Child net

GEM education– all of Julian’s links and apps.

Thank you to Julian Hughes from Gem Education for delivering this very helpful session.