Lab Coats At The Ready!


In Year 3, out topic this half term is Lab Coats At The Ready! So what better way to kick it off than by inviting in Professor Brainstorm for a science show?

We carried out lots of exciting experiments such as using magnets that were so strong they could hold 100 nails! Also, we found out that you can get a bucket of water and if you swing it around and upside down with enough force then the water will stay in!

IMG_1027 IMG_1034 IMG_1040 IMG_1055

There’s lots you can try at home. For example, why not try to blow through a straw to make a ping pong ball float in the air?

You might be surprised to find out that a balloon can lie on top of lots of nails and have 4 cans of baked beans on top but still not pop!

We even used 16 people to make an electrical circuit as well as using static energy to make a tin can roll towards a balloon without touching it.

IMG_1065 IMG_1087 IMG_1095 IMG_1101 IMG_1104 IMG_1113

“I liked it a lot because I found out how fun science can be” – Layla.

“I found out that more nails didn’t pop the balloon because they acted like a seat and the pressure was spread all over the balloon” – Umaymah

“You can make a fake hedgehog with a magnet and a tube of iron filings” –  Toby

“My favourite part was crunching the flower after it was frozen by liquid nitrogen” – Roise

“I like it when Professor Brainstorm fired potato out of the tube” – Libby

IMG_1122 IMG_1136