Epic Loft Studio Visit by Year 4 bloggers


Year 3 and Year 4 took a trip into Newcastle to explore a recording studio.

Here is what our Year 4 bloggers thought of their trip.

Mamma Mia! Ready to sing

Last week year 4 went to the loft studios [class9] it was great and we sang mamma mia I loved it so much. We had to sing about 3 to 4 copies of the song

When we got back we listened to the track it was weird but good

If you love singing then go to loft studios you will LOVE IT !!!!!!!!


Dance to the music!

Key stage2 took a trip to loft studios. We sang mamma mia by Abba and had a fab time. We sound like rotten mashed potato but it was very exciting.


In the spot light

Last week year 4 went to the LOFT STUDIOS. On Thursday class9 went there they were awesome! The next day class10 went. They were great too. When me and class10 went we had to warm up our voices. Everyone loved the song that we were warming up to and I think everyone likes this song and it was Up Town Funk! We were singing Mamma Mia we had 2 practises and then we were recorded ourselves . At the end we put the song on a CD and we all got a VIP pass for their website.


Meet AndyDoing the techical part

Year3 and Year4 went to visit loft studios

 Year4 sang Mama Mia by ABBA and year 3 sang 3 Little Birds bye Bob Marley

We sounded horrible [like goats] but it was a super trip.  It was so worth it. We came on the metro.  The coolest bit was a man called Andy who mixed the disks and it was SICK he made us sound like we were in a cave. He is super-duper.

It was an AMAZING trip over all!




Year4 And Year 3 went to the loft studios.

And sang mama mia and and three little birds.

We sounded like goats getting ran over by a train but it was epic overall!!!!!!!