Rising Sun by Year 2


Last half term, Year 2 finished their topic called A load of old rubbish with a trip to the House of Objects at the Rising Sun Country park.  They used lots of recycled materials to make lots of things.


Let’s find out about their favourite parts.

At Rising sun we made rubbish monsters! It was   good!-Jamie

At the rising sun country park I LOVED making the rubbish monsters! I made mine with Holly.- Amy

At the rising sun county park I loved making the cool rubbish monsters because I made mine with Amy. -Holly.

I       liked   the     bit     when   I   made   a       den.-William

I Liked building dens-James

In class5 we went to the rising sun. I bilden the den.-Daniel

I liked about the trip that we got to make mice out clay and they looked very nice.-Eve