Happy Home Learning Year 3!


Hi everyone, it’s been lovely to speak to so many of you on the phone recently. You really all seem to have been doing so many amazing activities and having lots of fantastic fun too! For those of you that we’ve left messages for, we will try again next week. Thank you all so much for working hard and following the instructions of your parents. We are missing you all every single day and we always look forward to seeing what you’ve been doing on the Archibald Facebook and Twitter pages. All of the staff think that Year 3 are doing wonderfully well!

Here are some more activities for you to try this week. You can have a go at as many or as few as you want. If you do have a go then we would love to know how you have got on! Please share a photo on Facebook or Twitter of what you have achieved as this will keep us all smiling!

We’ve even taken some of our ideas and activities from the ones that you’ve sent to us – so thank you very much indeed!


Times Tables

Please keep logging onto TT Rock Stars as we’ve added the 8 times table to see how well you will get on! Here are some more times tables games to try if you fancy something a bit different.




Try these games to refresh what you already know about money. Write down all the vocabulary you hear.


Try these money games:




Now, could you try and use your knowledge of the column method to add and subtract amounts of money?

Problem Solving

Here are some activities from White Rose – Year 3 Summer Term Week 3. They all involve more work on money and have helpful videos too!



What did you think of the first two chapters? The twins both have quite different personalities, don’t they? I’m looking forward to seeing how their relationship develops with their grandad. I’m also wondering whether they’ll ever get to play in the land of roar.

Here is the next chapter for you:

Could you have a go at drawing your own map based on the descriptions in the book and the picture of the map I showed you ?

ChallengeThe Little Shoemaker

Watch this video about the little shoemaker and what happens when a new shoe seller arrives in town…


Here are some ideas for you to have a go at:

  • Write a conversation between the two shoe sellers.
  • Create a new plan to get rid of the new shoe seller.
  • Write a conversation between the little shoemaker and his shoes.
  • Design your very own magic shoe.
  • Retell the story or create your own version.


Choose which activity you would like to do from the website or choose all of them!

Watch presenter and maths whizz Rachel Riley read an extract from
The Worst Witch by Jill Murphy.

As you listen, think about the following questions:

  • What is Mildred like?
  • Would you want to be friends with her?
  • What does ‘hair-raising’ mean?


Challenge: How is this book different or similar to the Land of Roar? What type of book are you reading at the moment? Perhaps you could write us a book review if you prefer.


Athens Vs Sparta!

How well can you find out how Athenians and Spartans lived? How were they different? Mrs Nisbet received a brilliant quiz this week from Kahoot! https://create.kahoot.it/auth/login Would you like to use this website to try and create your own online quiz? Or alternatively write one down on paper and test your family.

Here is a quiz for you to try at home all about Ancient Greece:


Here are some helpful links to help you with your research. If you’re feeling creative, perhaps you could show us your learning in a different way?




The Parthenon temple dominates the hill of the acropolis in Athens and it was dedicated to the Greek Goddess Athena. We’ve been experimenting with different artistic styles and media. Could you create your own sketch of the Parthenon?

Or perhaps you’d prefer to draw a Spartan Soldier?


Since we’ve been also finding out about plants recently, why not have a go drawing your very own sunflower?


Lots of you have been drawing rainbows but why don’t you have a go at growing your own rainbow!

  1. Cut your kitchen roll into the shape of a rainbow.
  2. Colour a rainbow with felt tips about 2cm up on both sides.
  3. Attach your paper clip to the top and tie a piece of thread to it. This will give you something to hold your rainbow with.
  4. Fill each small container with water.
  5. How your rainbow with the ends slightly submerged in the water then watch your rainbow grow!


You challenge is to investigate the plants or flowers in your home or garden! How many do you have? How big is your tallest plant? How small is the shortest? Use a ruler to find out! Which plant has the most leaves? Which has the least? Which flower has the most petals? Where is the best place in your home for a plant to grow? You could take photos, record a tally chart or even make a video with your scientific conclusions!